Our Brand is registered as a National Brand with the INPI - National Institute of Industrial Property, and the registration was granted and published in the PI Bulletin on 10/24/2019.

Our Brand has its own symbolism and meaning, which show who We Are and how we position ourselves in the market.

According to the “Standards Manual” of the Brand, “cordophones” are string instruments; in the dictionary of the Portuguese language the word “primor” means “Very delicate work or done with great perfection. = Masterpiece, Perfection. ”

Thus, “Cordofones Primor”, are traditional Madeiran string instruments (braguinha, rajão and viola d'arame) made to perfection.

In the logo, the fact that we are facing three instruments is represented in the fact that it contains three distinct elements.

It is also intended to represent the delicacy of work in the materials involved, necessary to guarantee an appropriate aesthetic and a pleasant sound.

The "C" and "P" have an evident meaning, as they represent the initials of the brand name.

The circle that surrounds them intends to represent the necessary union between all the elements, the desire for durability of the brand (a circle has no beginning or end), perfection in shapes and national identification by the armillary sphere present in the Portuguese flag.

Our Brand also appears in a very specific context, namely, within the scope of the musical project “EMPERIUM”. For musical need of this project and to try to create professional answers for some of its members, a project for the construction of musical instruments was born, which focused on traditional Madeiran chordphones, mainly the braguinha, with two different aspects (or objectives).

Those objectives are:

(i) Dissemination of these instruments, their development from a musical and pedagogical point of view, the creation of a credible project, also at a commercial level, for the construction and sale of these instruments and extending their accessibility to all, especially schoolchildren , by building cheaper acoustic cordophones.

(ii) Try to launch new instruments, the traditional electric cordophones, starting with braguinha, which will allow their easier insertion in different musical styles, similar to what happens with the “Emperium”, in the scope of which the electric braguinha is used and the electric viola d'arame in a progressive metal band, and the birth of new markets for these musical instruments.

Our conviction is that the birth of new musical instruments will give rise to new areas of work, not only with the aforementioned project for the construction of musical instruments, but also with musicians, who will develop new techniques to play them, in their teaching, in the area commercial and sales.

As a complement to the new work areas and new techniques, there will be a need for other associated products, such as straps, boxes, reeds, supports, strings, which will have to be created specifically for these instruments.

For example, our Brand already has the following products available

(i) Straps, in which one of Madeira's most emblematic handcrafted products is used, embroidery, and others with our traditional fabric, with the potential for much more.

(ii) Investment in specific strings for our traditional instruments, which did not exist. A partnership was established with APC, the 2nd largest instrument construction company in Europe, with the coordination of Prof. Roberto Moniz, and that company created a carbon rope, which we have already tested and which have already been ordered so that they can be applied to the instruments.

(iii) We are also coordinating with APC for the production of nickel strings for electrical instruments.

The potential, if we use the ukulele as a parallel, which was born from these cordophones (the braguinha and the rajão), are immense...

We will have to take Madeiran cordophones to travel all over the world!